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a little about me

I'm a Southern Californian native that has spent time living and working in different parts of the US and abroad. With a background in both graphic & product design holding a BA in Graphic Design/Fine Arts from Point Loma Nazarene University and also attending Lorenzo Medici Art School in Florence, Italy.


I am passionate about design, it's an important communication tool that allows individuals and brands to tell a story about the unique place they hold in the world. It's a connection point between people, design when used well can be a piece of visual information that translates across language, economic and cultural barriers it is a common visual language. How cool is that?! 


My favorite thing in the world is to just observe; pausing to watch and listen is that magical place where my creativity kicks in and the ideas and design solutions flow. Allowing space to think about others' perspectives is my favorite way to approach a new design, thinking about what message the brand needs to convey and what information the customer needs to hear to make a decision that a brand/idea/product is for them. 


I spent seven fun years designing in the Action Sports industry, where I had the opportunity to travel and design around the world. After having children, I was invited to teach multi-media design (Web Design, Graphic Design, Apparel Design & Video production) for several years until a cross country move landed my family in the South. I loved the charm and the slower pace of life in the South; which meant I had space to only work on design projects that ignited a spark in me. I love making personal connections with my clients whether they are across the country or across the world;  collaborating with them to create intentional designs for their brands. 

When I'm not designing I'm spending time with my husband and our two boys. I love trying new coffee shops, reading, listening to podcasts, and traveling to see my in-laws in the UK (where we go to more coffee shops and sit around and read together).